Frequently Asked Questions


Solid Timber(hardwood) flooring is made using one board and is strong timber completely through, with no designing or sticking.

Strong timber flooring is produced using one board and is strong wood entirely through, with no designing or sticking, while designed Timber ground surface can be introduced anyplace in a house aside from washrooms, pantries or different rooms where water is an issue. Water can cause extension and constriction of lumber floors.

Timber floors don’t gather residue and allergens and are far healthier for your indoor climate than carpeting.

Some cover, designed and bamboo flooring click together without stick and simple installation technique is appropriate for DIY clients. Strong lumber floors may require additional care, so we suggest professional installation. Different factors such as the state of your subfloor may likewise require an expert installation.

Despite the fact that timber installation is significantly more moisture resistant than different kinds of hardwood and overlay flooring the chance of moisture entrance trading off the honesty of the sheets or the cling to the substrate is too high in a washroom climate for it to be utilized securely. Bamboo flooring is surely appropriate for a kitchen climate which is simply dependent upon incidental spills and sprinkles.


Yes, we can truly restore any floor our experience is wide and differed and there are not many situations where we can’t recover your floor.

Basically complete our enquiry structure and email a couple photographs of your floor; we will at that point reach you to talk about your floor in more detail and a short time later furnish you with our full written quotations including our specification along with an exact cost for the works.

The cost will rely upon your floor type and whether any fixes are required. Our costs are competitive and we accept we believe we offer value for money as well as an efficient service.

The time differs from task to work however we regularly just require one day to complete all floors under 1000 meters squared. On the off chance that you have an enormous business floor please reach us do talk about us utilizing a bigger group or extending your project over multiple days.

Much of the time the appropriate response is yes! A significant number of our clients had thought about restoring their floor and had thusly been wonderfully astonished to find that they’re recently restored floor looks in a way that is better than new.


Floor Sealing is a process for ensuring floors that utilizes a polymer-based covering. It is fundamentally applied to vinyl flooring yet functions admirably to secure any porous floor surface.

This coating is difficult to apply and truly tough, making it great solution to reduce wear and tear, just as making maintenance much easier.

We decide the best application dependent on “where” the floor is and how much “wear” there is in your space. Is it inside, outside, hefty traffic, low traffic, pedestrian activity, water powered lifts, presented to sun or not, assurance for oil, creatures? We have an answer for ALL of these environments. For a garage, we would suggest a drop or quartz floor. Cellar, potentially a full mechanical clean with a stain and seal. Pool deck, stain and seal. Retail space, mechanical clean, stain and seal floor. Modern floor, a resinous substance and stain resistance floor.

Is there a simpler method to coat the trim work in my application area and can the application area be coated at different times?

Floor sealing works by topping off the pores of the surface with polymer particles. This leaves a smooth surface that is resistant to entrance from water or dirt.

At the point when earth gets onto an untreated floor, it can bed itself into the porous surface, causing it to seem dull. The dirt can likewise be ground into the floor over the long run, causing damage.

The new surface gave by the sealant is a lot of smoother, permitting dirt to be cleaned away without any problem. It likewise gives an actual obstruction between the dirt and the floor to prevent the damage.

A simple method to coat the trim work is to blend a more of the Iconic material at certain proportion and afterward blending the leftover measure of item to cover the whole surface region. The coating might be applied in areas at various times by basically coating up to a current extension joint or by taping off the region and quickly eliminating the tape subsequent to applying the coating. There will be no variation in shading if the item is applied at various times.

Unquestionably not! Iconic Timber Flooring, solid surface will last for a long time under typical conditions.


No, we can work with both small and big areas.

More soluble based cleaning agent should be utilized and not acidic to guarantee the floor is longer lasting.

Working in wet environment can be dangerous for laborers if the flooring surface isn’t slip obstruction. The majority of the flooring items offered by Iconic Timber Flooring can be introduced with a positively textured surface. The amount of slip resistance required will rely upon the working condition of the environment being referred to and can be changed by utilizing various sizes and texture ideal surface. Note that slip opposition and cleanability are conversely relative to each other so it is essential to find good balance.

Surfaces are introduced by all around prepared staff approved by Iconic Timber Flooring, who have been trained and are experienced with our items.

This ensures a significant level of value and guarantees choice of a preferred functional and aesthetic solution can be made with complete certainty.

You should consistently set up the floor surface appropriately and sufficiently. A standard floor paint won’t smooth out the roughness of a floor and will assume the type of the substrate it is applied to. Great floor arrangement guidance demonstrates that If you have an especially rough floor and are searching for a smoother finish, you should grind down the solid to remove the edges in the solid and furthermore clean the floor completely before utilization of the sealer coat.


We stock a wide assortment of colors and species including, however not restricted.

The nosing and scotia nosing are for all time clung to the track and the bond is stronger than the wood itself and this has never occurred.

Iconic Timber Flooring is also designed to accommodate open ended stairs. To install the system, first remove balusters from the existing steps. Reinstall the baluster on top of the step. If your installation requires a double-sided return, please contact your distributor or to custom order the correct width.