Floor Sanding Brighton

Floor Sanding Brighton – Our Brighton clients are often professional families, with young children, busy lives, long working hours, and not a lot of extra time to do those tricky jobs like moving out of the house to get your floors sanded. As a young family ourselves with a growing business and young children, and a busy schedule, we get it!

So this year we introduced a complete service, to make the process hassle-free and easy, which we called the ‘Diamond Service’. We have created a network of trusted affiliates including furniture removals companies, cleaning companies, and internal painters, all local to the Brighton.

One of our first major jobs to book a diamond service in the North Shore, was a 4 level, 350m2 home with an enormous staircase, and a lot of furniture! So you can see why we needed the professionals!

The job was booked 5 months in advance, as a part of a major renovation. The client had been planning the renovation for 10 years, so to hand it back clean, study, hassle-free, and ready to move back in was so important. We worked with the builder to create a tight schedule to have all of the trades and services coordinated to complete the job within 12 working days, including all furniture and cleaning. We split the project into two stages so that the furniture didn’t need to be moved offsite, rather into the other section.