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We specialise in wood/timber floor sanding, polishing repair and restoration services for residential and commercial premises in Malvern area. Malvern
Timber Floor Sanding offers a broad range of services that will answer all your floor related worries. Among all are great services like timber flooring, wood flooring, floor repairs, deck sanding and oiling, the floor sanding and polishing is something we are really proud of.

We use contemporary equipment and modern methods to make sure that the work is done effectively and efficiently. When you get our floor polishing service, you will witness how we are covering all the process end to end of improving your wood floors from the time we identify what requires to be done till the cleaning stage where we clean the dust after the floor polishing is complete.

We will make sure that our floor polishing service will meet all your expectations. The aim of polishing the wood floor is to attain the beautiful and shiny finish.


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