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Iconic Timber Flooring, have one simple function, and that is to allow you to get safely to another level.  Whether it’s a simple stairway, an elegant curved staircase or a grand contemporary staircase, Iconic Timber Flooring ® will design and build a staircase to suit your home, lifestyle and budget.  We’ll show you how to avoid the surprises and risks that you can’t afford to make, in today’s competitive and cost-conscious market.


We Build Timber Stairs Across Melbourne

Timber Stairs

We all know that timber stairs have a lifespan. Outdoor timber stairs are a feature of our beautiful Melbourne  houses but constant sun and rain cause them to wear and degrade more quickly than rest of our homes. This is particularly true of poorly or incorrectly constructed timber stairs. At Iconic Timber Flooring  we specialise in building hardwood timber stairs that are built according to correct standards and that will last.

Whichever you choose for your timber stair replacement you have the same option of handrail or balustrade. If you need some advice, we’d be happy to help.


Hardwood Timber Stair Replacements

Many older homes have outdoor timber stairs that are contracted entirely of hardwood though the style of the balustrade may vary with the age of the house. Most of these styles are still available should you choose to replace your timber stairs like for like. However, due to the extremes of weather we experience in Melbourne some owners choose to replace timber stairs with a more robust alternative and prefer to use hot dipped galvanised steel stringers.

Replacement External Timber Stairs

When inspecting external timber stairs the most common problem we find is wood rot often caused by water when stairs have been poorly built. In Melbourne external timber stair treads and risers have been traditionally constructed of ironbark, spotted gum or kwila hardwood as all of these are extremely durable. Balustrading or handrails are often constructed with the same materials or with more contemporary options such as stainless steel wire. Whatever you preference we’ll build replacement outdoor timber stairs to match the style of your home perfectly and you’ll have a set of safe, long lasting stairs constructed by the Brisbane external and outdoor timber stair experts.


Outdoor Timber Stair Repairs

Repairing existing stairs is also possible in some cases, this is particularly true when the treads and risers are sound but the handrail has become loose and unsafe. Sometimes this happens because of poor construction or because the materials chosen such a pine are not as durable as hardwood. If the handrails on your stairs have become loose we can replace these to ensure the safety and integrity of your staircase.

Staircase Tread Overlaying with timber flooring has 3 essential elements:

Timber Stair Nosing

Nosing – The primary reason for staircase nosing is a crucial piece of flight of stairs plan. The nosing is the name given to the actual edge of the tracks, where we frequently place our feet as we stroll here and there the means. There are different decisions available, every one of them offering something reasonable of preferences.

Pencil Round – This option got its name since it would seem that a pencil that has been laid sideways across the track.

Square – This alternative is quickly developing in notoriety in view of an expansion in the quantity of present day and contemporary homes being worked, as it suits such flights of stairs best.

No Overhang – This is another elective alternative that is quickly developing in ubiquity, either on the grounds that mortgage holders need a consistent search for their flight of stairs or they’re worried that different choices represent a stumbling risk. This nosing sits flush with the tracks, making notable in more present day and contemporary homes

Timber Stair Risers

A stair riser is the vertical section of a step which fills the separation from one step to the next.

The riser is the most noticeable part of a step when looking from the bottom requiring that perfect finish.

Timber Stair Treads

The level surface territory finishing the top segment of the progression.

Open tracks are singular advances made of strong wood which don’t need risers or nosings.

We have more then 10 years of hands-on-experience in staircase design and building.  This experience allows us to design and construct a staircase to suit your home’s décor, your lifestyle and your budget.