Feature wall, Balk Heads, Bars


Have you ever thought of the endless possibilities of timber features in your newly built modern home? Sublime Flooring Group’s innovative timber ideas extend beyond most and can be extensively utilised by either softening a wall or a bulkhead right throughto creating beautiful bedhead walls with pendants, which works especially well in bringing a different dimensions or a certain added character into your home

Our custom timber feature wall panelling service here in Melbourne will add that warmth and charactor to any room. Avalaible in so many colors and textures, a timber feature wall will make your room pop.

We only ever use premium product’s with all of our services, and our Melbourne timber feature walls are no exception. Let our experienced and dedicated team help customise a feature wall to maximise your rooms potential. We specialise in taking our customer’s vision and turning it into reality by creating breath taking spaces. Whether it is your home, commercial premises or business, we always go above and beyond.



feature wall