Why To Update Hardwood Flooring To Beechwood?

If its time to have your hardwood floors replaced, there are several species to choose from. While popular choices, including maple and oak, bring several benefits, beech is surely a hidden gem with plethora of features.

Use the guide to know more about beech wood flooring so you can decide whether it may be right for your home.

This wood comes from fagus grandifolia, also known as the breech tree. Found predominantly in Europe and North America, the species also grow to an impressive height of 120 feet on an average.

The tree produces strong, durable hardwood that has a pale white to brownish coloring with tight, uniform grain.

Although the wood has really smooth appearance all throughout, you can still see the tiny specks and pores in its pattern. Thinking is beech wood good for flooring? Read on

Beechwood floorboards bring in warm, inviting, light look that gives it a distinct design. The uniform grain gets closed and tight, creating consistent look across the floor.

Beechwood floors have really less texture than some other woods, giving them a really smooth appearance.

The color depends on the source of the wood from within the beech tree. You can notice the moderate to high variations in the coloring from board to board, which adds character to the flooring Thousand Oaks.

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